2015 Allied Health Scholarship Travel Awards

Deadline: Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Please note: You are not allowed to save your application and continue working on it later, so please make sure you have all necessary materials ready and completed when you begin filling out the application. Once you submit the application, you will not be able to make changes.

2015 will mark the eighth year of an opportunity for more allied health professionals to attend the AAAAI Annual Meeting and become more involved in the AAAAI. The Allied Health Professionals Assembly will once again be awarding scholarship travel awards (reimbursement up to $750 in expenses and complimentary registration to the meeting) to deserving allied health professionals working in the A/I specialty in order to enhance their ability to meet with their colleagues and learn from their experiences.

Topics submitted should focus on an interesting Allergic, Asthmatic, Respiratory or Immunologic case or clinical or research program. (Please note any data presented must have documented IRB approval for acceptance). These descriptions will demonstrate how you, as an allied health professional, have been able to improve the quality of care that you and the A/I practice provide to patients. These descriptions could be of an educational program (in house or community based), a practice enhancement, or a clinical treatment situation. NOTE: If you have received this award or the Allied Health Abstract Travel Awards within the last three years (2012,2013,2014), you unfortunately are not eligible to apply. Also recipients of this award will become ineligible to receive any additional allied health travel awards for AAAAI annual meeting attendance in 2015 (i.e. Allied Health Abstract Travel Grants).

Applicants must complete a disclosure statement with the AAAAI before this application is considered complete. You will be asked to do that upon completion and submission of application.

Awardees will be notified in late November, if they have been selected to receive one of these awards.

Each of the awardees will be recognized at 2015 AAAAI Annual Meeting during the AAAAI Allied Health Forum (Saturday, February 23, 2015). NOTE: All recipients will be required to do a brief synopsis of their submission with outcomes in a session held on Saturday, February 23, 2015 from 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm.

We encourage all A/I allied health professionals to apply for this excellent professional development opportunity. It’s just another way of everyone working in A/I to continue to provide optimal patient care.

You may contact John Augustyniak at (414) 272-6071 with any questions about this award.

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A detailed description (no more than 650 words) of an interesting allergic, asthmatic, or immunologic case or program that which has increased the quality of care that you and your practice has been able to provide to the patients you serve. This case could be an educational program (in house or community based), a practice enhancement, or a clinical treatment situation, that could be translated into a longer either oral or written presentation. You may either enter text or upload a file.
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